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Warrior Workshop

Extend the mind throughout the whole body.  The effort not to stop the mind in one place is discipline and takes practice.


This workshop is a series of practices and theory that will dive into self-control, focus, concentration, flow, anxiety reduction and resilience.

With breath work, meditations and exercises you will take home a framework to improve your game and your overall well-being. 

“You earn trophies through practice.  You only pick them up at competitions.”  -Unknown

This is a wonderful workshop for groups, clubs, teams even a workplace can benefit from this skill set.

If you are an individual looking for a Warrior experience, don’t be afraid to reach out.  All workshops are tailored to the individual(s) or groups.

This workshop is best as an hour and a half to a two-hour workshop.  You can also set up a recurring weekly or monthly workshop with your group.

Request your quote today.

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