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Mindfulness Ambassador Program

The Mindfulness Without Borders 

Mindfulness Ambassador Program

From self awareness activities to mindfulness basics, our interactive programs and courses boost soft skill development and address the challenges and opportunities that youth face outside school walls. By creating space for personal reflection and the development of human potential, program participants forge deeper connections to themselves and everyone around them. Through active experiential learning, they are encouraged to ask questions, to explore their inherent wisdom and develop personal resources to help prepare them for a future as knowledgeable, responsible and caring citizens.

Research findings demonstrated that participants were employing the skills learned in the program, including:

Coping with challenges, Working with others, Improving their relationships with others, Managing stress or anxiety, Being calm and relaxed, Coping with sadness and    Communicating more effectively with others.

This program works well for groups of 8 or more.

Get in touch for more information and a quote. 

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