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Meditation Circle

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart.  You will never regret it."



Take a moment from your busy life and allow us to guide you through grounding meditations and mindful meditations, while exploring your senses, kindness, compassion and courage.

This is perfect for friends or family, community groups or corporate retreats.

$45 pp

Open yourself up to wisdom and intuition while surrounded by our horses.

This is a great way to explore a mindfulness practice for beginners or extend an already existing one.  There is no horseback riding involved in this experience.

You will be guided through mindful practices and meditations with the horses present.  The horses will be free to visit, touch or just hold space for participants.

Guided meditation will be one hour.  There will be 15 minutes to a half an hour at the end of the session to harvest thoughts and explore what kind of connections where made with the horses.

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