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Equine Partnered Learning

HARP - Human Animal Relationship Program

in partnership with Eden Valley

Now more than ever our social connections are being challenged and are decreasing dramatically.

Animals have the ability to reflect back to us some of our most desired states like love, compassion, joy and kindness. It also takes courage to turn towards animals to find these things you may have felt that you have lost or have not experienced in a while. Animals have an amazing ability to ground us in the present moment, allowing us a reprieve from our ruminations of the past or worries of the future.

Join us as we celebrate beautiful, and brave humans and animals.

  • Introduction & Grooming

  • Grooming & Bonding Time

  • Connection & Arena Time

  • Horsemanship

  • Introduction to Riding

  • Forest Walk or Ride

  • Mingle with the Herd

  • Group Field Trip

  • Date Day (Night) and much more!

Our animal partners and guides assist in the improvement of mental, physical, emotional and social challenges, as well as overall quality of life.

Child, youth, adult and group programs available.

ACCESS OAP, Ontario Autism Program. Families accessing Access OAP funding can utilize their funding with us.

Join our Facebook group HARP -  Human Animal Relationship Program and you can find us on Instagram @humananimalrelationshipprogram

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